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What is naked service?

Naked worker is a fun, entertaining and elite spin on traditional domestic services. Naked worker work in the nude in a respectful and professional environment.

Are you professional?

I have full knowledge and skills in the field of chemicals and interactions with materials. If I encounter an unfamiliar assembly, I always look up the correct solution on professional websites and in manuals.

I provide domestic work professional, intelligent, fun and unique and need to be respected for the adventurous work and task I undertake.

I provide booking by discreet communication devices (SMS, WhatsApp, KIK). I am 100% professional and not here to misuse your information for any nefarious reasons!

I want photos of worker in advance, please let me see...

You can view the photos by scrolling through the timeline history on the page News

How does a worker arrive to my house, flat or location?

I ensure arrive undercover and ultra discreet on arrival. I will arrive dressed in a casual/professional yet understated manner. Being discreet is an absolute must and I am true professionals to ensure no attention is drawn to you.

Just remember - it is your responsibility to close the blinds... 

Who provides the cleaning products and equipment?

I require you, the client, to provide the cleaning products and common equipment.  There is a good reason for this, many people have varying sensitivities to cleaning products, hence we feel that the client should provide the required cleaning agents , just in case of any sensitivities.

Some specialized equipment and product I bring myself and use him after consultation with you.

Can I touch the worker?

No. This is strictly prohibited and against professional policies. You must not touch or invade the worker personal space. This is meant to be a professional, fun, entertaining service where worker feel absolutely safe and secure.

Can I take photos of the worker, or video him?

Yes, but only on device provided by worker. We make mutual agreement about using this materials and after censoring of photos and videos I provide you access to them through protected gallery.

What is booking fee?

You must pay a booking fee to schedule your worker and recive your access to protected gallery. This payment is by payment card a via PayPal gateway, which is secure and provide for you security policy of refunds or claims for payments.

Your pay statement will simply display "PAYPAL *MA SERVICES 121212121212 GBR" and nothing more (this is wholy discreet). Mentioned 12 digits please use as Transaction ID in booking form.

The booking fee is a portion of your total charge (usually £20 for standard bookings). Therefore, if you see that a 2 hour work costs £100, you pay online this £20 booking fee and then pay your £80 in cash on arrival.

The payment of a booking fee is important to me, because it guarantees that you are serious about your booking. I do not accept any booking without payment of this fee.

Can other people be in the property during the nude service?

Is allowed client or couple which live together in common household when the worker is present. Any other person is prohibited, unless agreement is made in advance. 

I am gay, can I be naked too? What if I get excited?

Yes, you can be naked/nude too. I won’t get upset and will understand your reaction to a nude body. Every gender as well as every sexual orientation is welcome. However, you should respect me and my personal space.

Security/safety of worker

I have various mechanisms in place for the safety of me as worker. The address you provide to our booking needs to match to the address/door number that I attend. On occasion I will take an image of the front of the door area that I am entering, and send it to security hub. This is only if the door number or address seems slightly atypical.

I need to be able to messages during my visit, via either cellular connection or your WIFI network. This WIFI connectivity will be requested at the front door, and I will be regurarly requested texting to security hub ensure my safety.

Illicit activity?

I enjoy a healthy lifestyle and choose not to engage with illicit substances or activities.

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