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How to manage

Starting with cleaning work is the easiest. If you need something fixed or decorated, start by booking me for a 1-hour cleaning for the first time.

I will then find out and measure exactly what we need on site and arrange a date for the repair or diy.

Convenient dates

Think about which times of the week work for you, e.g. Monday and Thursday mornings between 11:00 and 13:00 and Sunday evenings from 18:00.

So in the booking form you will then select hourly basis and tick all possible dates that might suit you.


You will enter your details on the form and pay the booking fee (should you change your mind, you will be refunded honestly - payment policy is on the Booking fee page).

I'll need the postcode to find out the traffic availability of your place according to the times you suggested.

Clarification of details

By the end of the day I will text you on messenger to confirm one of the proposed dates and ask for photos of what you want to clean, decorate or repair.

Confirmation of arrangment

I will send you a confirmation email with a calendar event with a binding place and time. This is considered to be an agreement and is valid without further confirmation. You can simply count on me to be there at the time indicated.